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New zealand visas- How to get it

New Zealand is a beautiful country with huge contrasting landscapes, also a friendly country which welcomes its migrants with open hands and also offers vibrant business friendly opportunity and a variety of exciting working environmental opportunities .New Zealand has eased its rules for its migrants to such an extent that the people who are really skilled can give a boom to their economy and settle down permanently. It also has its rhythm of its own, be it outdoors, lifestyle, culture, booming economy, its very urbane but also country at times. It offers something to everyone. New Zealand has categorized its visas into several types.

        Work Visas

        Tourist Visas

        Family Visas

        Business Visas

        New Zealand Permanent Residence Visas

        Skilled Migration Category



                          New Zealand offers a diverse range of wonderful working opportunities for a better living. The applicant wants to work must have a work-visa .As per the eligibility and need of the employee New Zealand has permanent, temporary visa, which later can be converted into PERMANENT RESIDENCY.



                          Internationally New Zealand is in top of the must-visit countries for its scenic beauty and adventure. On an average 2.5 million international tourists visit New Zealand every year. Tourism is one of the largest thriving industries.


                        Family visa in New Zealand has variety of range to help the Spouses,  children, relying parents, siblings,  children of New Zealand citizens or residents to come and live. Family visas are in particularly for those who have their family members in New Zealand and are willing to sponsor them. This visa depends on the sponsorís profile, whether the sponsorís financial income is stable and sufficient to support the applicant or not.



                  New Zealand is a developed country, and its economy is booming and thatís the reason it is in the list of first world counties. Also top companies from all over the world seek to do business as there are a lot of options for business people to establish, manage or develop a new or existing business or for investment.



Migrants from all over the world are welcomed with a smile in New Zealand and the rules are eased but the migrants have to be aligned with the rules and regulations. Itís easier for skilled people to contribute to the countryís economy. There are two categories in this zone.

1.New Zealand Skilled Migrant category

                               This category is for foreign skilled workers, who are under 50years of age, healthy or who speak excellent English. This is an opportunity for them to move to New Zealand to work and live permanently.




Pre-requisites for Skilled Migration should be totally accomplished for a PR. Also qualify under this category, the applicant needs a minimum of 100points.





100  Ėexperience




                                       Applicants who have an offer of employment, work experience or qualifications in an area of absolute skill shortage identifies on the LTSSL (LONG TERM SKILL SHORTAGE LIST) may gain bonus points towards their application for residence which may also help them to qualify for skilled migrant category.

                           Once the applicant qualifies the first step, applicant can be made to submit an expression of interest (EOI) for skilled migration to immigrate to New Zealand. If the applicant has claimed 100points or more on the EOI, applicant can submit it to the pool. More the points in pool, is more the chances of selection.

Once EOI is drawn from the pool after assessment the department sends an invite to apply and now the applicant has to show proof of the claims made on EOI. This means medical and police certificates, proof of English language ability and documentation regarding skills, experience and other factors. After submission, the documents asked, department starts assessing for residence.