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B.C.Property market hazy after millionaire visa

The Prices of property would be increased when the Canadian government visa program started coming down.  And in the year 1986, the new investor immigrants program was introduced and for the business visa immigrants has to spent $1.6 million & for the Canadian high commission $8,00000 has to be invested.

Within a week, the scheme would not continue for longer time as there was back in the 59,000 visa applications and it was introduced when the south china morning post.

Property prices could take a hit

Clarence DE belle who was a real estate agent who plans him to have interaction with those who brings multiple wealth and also huge no. of jobs for the Canadians, and also he receives lots of job offers from china in West Vancouver.

According to Richard Kurland, the people who are immigrating from Chinese brings lots of things to own country & he thinks to stop then at least 80 to 90%, so that the prices may come down.

Market impacted by more than investors

According to Davidoff, the prices of house drastically increasing and also its running low interest rates & the low economies from past few years.

The Canadian government has introduced for the business people a new visa program who is rich in investing for business; people can begin through new program and also can have connection with Private Sector Company.