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Australia sub class 457 visa

Visa and immigration dept australia annouces that in the last year Indians were on top to get benefit by the temporary skilled worker sub class visa 457.

According to latest date in the current financial year Indians have topped the temporary work (skilled) visa. According to Immigration Department Data it is shown that Indians have represented 23% total “Subclass 457 Visa” in year July-December 2013.

It is said that top 3 citizenship countries are to be said to be as follow in year 2013-14 for visa grants India 23.4 %, UK 18.6% and Ireland 7.9%. Indians are considered to be topped for under nominated positions located for following New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

The two regions were Indians are considered to be following nationalities are South Australia and Northern Territory. UK being topped the category last year, The Primary visa holders stood at 90780, in comparison to 8.3% higher compared to previous year. 14.0% was for other services for top three industries in visa grants. Accommodation and food services are being at 12.9% and information and media and telecommunication at 10.2 %.

For subclass 457 visa the largest visa grants were for cooks which came upto 5.7 % of total grants, which constituted to come upto an increase of 4.0% in comparison to same period in previous year.

The second largest visa grants were to be for professionals like Café or Restaurant Managers recoding to 4.4% of Total visa grants. The next followed professionals categories were for Developer programmer accounting to 3.1% Primary visa Grants.

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