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Australia skilled worker visa 457 governments ne

When the Abbott government moves to a political row over 457 visa program the employers will gain scale to labors controversial limits on skilled worker visa.

An expert panel to investigate will be named by government which will complete claims for visa programs which is beset by democrats who punish workers and rules that hobble employers.

Assistant Immigration minister Michaelia cash has announced the enquiry with pledge to ensure integrity whilst scrapping red tapes which are unnecessarily holding business back.

A promise was being made by Coalition that the review before election would be made but it was held back as they were busy with implementation of tighter rules to 457 visa .

The review will be lead by following Australian National University professor Peter Mc Donald, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry policy director Jenny Lambert, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu partner John Azarias and immigration lawyer Katie Malyon. These references highlight the importance of  program to employers who experience skill shortages and potential of workers who boost economy.

The review is focused to examine following aspects non-compliance by employers, the costs to employers, the sanctions on rorts and the scope for deregulation while maintaining the integrity in the scheme.

It is expected to commit to evidence based productivity reform by Senator Cash as announced by him.

The former government outlined curbs in response to complaints about scheme which brings in temporary workers from overseas.

Despite denials of claim of the visa the then immigration minister Brendan O Connor insisted that there were more than 10,000 cases of illegitimate uses.

The figures released by Department of immigration to senate hearing last may were showing that 170 sponsors were sanctioned to breach the program out of 29100 active sponsors.

In order to recover unpaid wages for Korean employed workers the main construction union went to court for a tile company.

Last years Migration Council of Australia report showed that violations in 2 % of cases where foreign workers were not paid $51,400 salary for 457 visas.

Totally there were 90,780 workers under this scheme last year that is upto 8.3% on previous year.

The total number of 457 visas lodged till December 31 fell 37.9% to 23,420 compared to previous year.

The parliament was cleared on toughening of the 457 visa program when Labor gained the support of the Greens and crossbench senators Nick Xenophon and John Madigan.

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