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Australia skill select 189 visa and 190 visa

Australia invites candidates to their country only if their skills are matching in the occupation list.

Australian government grants the visa only the profession of the applicants are in the skilled occupational list.  If their profession matches then they are elegible for the process.  Skill select would be very much responsible for the development of the country.  The DIAC would grant the visa for the applicants.

Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa.

Main benefits of this visa:

1.       Applicant can take their entire family members.

2.       They can stay any state or any city from the day one itself being a PR holder.

3.       They can start working from the day one itself anywhere in the country.

Major Requirements for 189

1.       Applicant must be below 50 yrs of age.

2.       They must undergo IELTS exam.

3.       They must score 60 in the elegiblity requirement as per Australia Government.

4.       Applicant has to fill up the application EOI.

5.       Applicants profession must be there in the list.

6.       And skill sets should be there in the shortage occupational list.


How this PR Visa Works

First & foremost thing that applicant has to submit the application of EOI either in Australia or outside the country.

Basic requirements in order to apply for PR Visa

The mandatory requirements are as follows:

a.       Applicant has to get invitation from Australia govt.

b.      Applicants occupation should be in positive list.

c.       Applicant has to be below 50 yrs of age.

d.      He has to score 7 in all the component of IELTS.

e.      His skills should be assessed by the concerned assessment bodies in  Australia.

f.        He has to obtain the clearance certificate from authorized hospital related to his health & character.

g.       Skill nomination has to be made for the particular profession for the main applicant.