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Australia Tourist Visa and the places

We need a visa to go to any country though some of the countries don’t require a visa for Indians to reach they are only few. Countries like Australia, USA, UK, European countries invites people from all over the world with many number of visas including tourist visas, work visas, study visas, family and dependent visas and business visas etc.

Explore Australia with a tourist visa

For lovers of the great outdoors, Australia is one of the world’s top destinations. Divers can explore colorful coral reefs with their exotic aquatic life, while walkers and hikers can revel in an array of wilderness areas including deserts, alpine high-country and tropical rainforest. Animal-lovers can have close encounters with creatures seen nowhere else in the world- including 48 species of kangaroo. Fisherman, sailors and surfers will find the waterways and waves among the world’s most challenging. A surprising outdoor attraction is the world’s oldest art galleries. And  star-gazers will revel in the sky in the southern hemisphere, where most of the stars visible from earth can be seen and the southern cross is clearly visible.

Australia values its natural heritage highly and has over 800 national parks. In recognition of their significance, natural value and uniqueness, 14 areas have been given UNESCO World Heritage listings. The most accessible to visitors are Queensland’s Wet Tropics, the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island, the Tasmanian Wilderness Area, Shark Bay in Western Australia, Kakadu and UIuru-Kata Tjuta national parks in the Northern Territory, and the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney.

National parks are managed by the states, apart from the Great Barrier Reef, which is managed by the Federal Government. Local and state national parks offices and tourist information centers generally provide maps and extensive information on park entry requirements, visitor facilities, essential seasonal information, and guides to flora and fauna.

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