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Advisor of Government Immigration have opposed the

Advisor of Government Immigration have opposed the UK Visa sell off plan

For Introducing an 'eBay culture' for all the UK permanent Residence from the home secretary’s migration advisory committee immigration lawyers has not not shown interest towards the proposal instead they have criticized


Visa Grants Rights to settle in UK to highest bidders was declined by The government's official immigration advisers as they have rejected the proposal.

The alternative Advise given by the migration home secretary which was opposed by the Immigration Lawyers about the 'eBay culture' for UK permanent Residence

Based on the Proposal, For a selected proportion of investors were invited by the many other Country millionaires, Under Tier1 visa Family members including spouse and child also can live until applicant’s visa is valid in UNITED KINGDOM


Many ppl say that it is  unpleasant: to sell of the visas..? Well it is good to be away from them as we are right now which was said by chairman of the committee who is nothing but ‘’Professor David Metcalf’’


The proposals were forwarded with response to all requirements of the existing investor visa route always fails the UK to get benefitted and hence it had become a cheap news for some wealthy Russian, Hence many Chinese and Middle Eastern families have settled permanently in UK

The UK tier 1 visa. which is known as one of the major point based immigration system, Based on the Investment Individually all can settle in UK FOR Minimum 2 years to 5 years

Under a Tier1 visa there a plenty number of applications are getting Processed that is approx 600 per annum Neither a Proper English nor a Guaranteed job is required to apply for this visa

Official requirement of how to use of Tier 1 Visa was announced in December 2012,