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PR visa- skilled nominated visa 190

The visa name is only known as the 190 skill nominated visa for which they have to stay there in any one state of Australia for minimum one year and maximum of two years. And later on u can stay in any cities of Australia. In this subclass any one specific state will nominate ur occupation under the state occupation list for the people who are unable to satisfy the 189 skilled independent visa requirement. And in addition to this the people who are able to score enough passing marks, wants the major priority for their visa application process.


Some of the major requirements of the visa


The people who are having the ambition to achieve something in their life and they are standing in queues to apply for this visa because this visas are provided purely based on the invitation basis.

1.     The person should match atleast to one of the job which is Present in the consdidated skilled occupation list given by the Australian govt.

2.     And the applicant should be able to score 60 points of eligibility criteria on the basis of through qualification, age, experience, ability to speak good English and some other which is useful in the state sponsorship. 

3.     The person who is applying should be below 50 year.

4.     Your skill assessment should be taken and approved by any one of the reputed authorities.

5.     Your English skills should satisfy all the needs and requirements of the territory/state for which u are applying.

6.     The total no. of years of experience should match the requirement of the state/territorys according to the job requirement.

7.     There should be a proper submission of the EOI online application done by the respective authorities.

8.     Under this Australian PR they have goahead and apply for the state sponsorship application.

9.     And they to submit all the health & chacter related information to the authorities.

10.                         And the moment they get a 190-PR visa for territory state sponsorship, where in they have to stay there in that particular state for minimum of 1 year and maximum of 2 years.

The benefits of getting this visa

This PR visa is valid for you and your family with all the following benefits:

1)    You can stay and work there in Australia for the specific time period.

2)    You have an opportunity to study for full time in any course in school, graduation, post graduation or vocational education at any of the universities.

3)    Medical insurance benefit is free of cost for your entire family.

4)    You have an opportunity to get social security benefit to take care of you and your entire family.

5)    The moment you complete three years in Australia you have an opportunity to become a citizen of Australia.

6)    You can sponsor your parents and relatives under the sponsorship visas for a temporary visit or permanent.


The investment made to get this visa

 Independent visas:

                        In which the main applicant have to pay 3520$ for being the main applicant.

Additional application charges:

        If you are taking any person above 18 years you have to pay 1760$.

        If you are taking any person below 18 years you have to pay 880$.


And some other additional charges :

    Some of the additional progress charges like:-

Medical examination:-

which have to be directly paid to the doctors who are conducting this medical examination.

Police check:-

which is nothing but you have to take the police for all the respective countries you have stayed for more than 6 to 12 months time period from the corresponding authorities of the particular country.

Translation / certification of documents :-

 It all depends on how many numbers of copies have to be certified and depends according to the certifying period.


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