Canada Visa Holder's Travel Tips

Canada Tourist Visa or PR visa holders should know about Canada's culture Geo-Political atmosphere to understand the country better.

At retail outlets beer bought in cases works out to be about $1.40 for a bottle or a can. Wine The past two decades have seen Canadian wine improve steadily and considerably. Facts for the Visitor - Drinks 87 Unfairly, the stigma often remains. True, the bottom-end wines are the domestics and they taste as cheap as the price. But most of the Canadian wineries also take great care with at least some of their labels. The country has two main wine-producing regions, Ontario's Niagara Peninsula, with by far the largest share, and British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. Wineries can also be found in southern Quebec, elsewhere in Ontario (the Lake Erie Shoreline, and Pelé Island which is out in Lake Erie) and in Nova Scotia. Most of these areas now have their own Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) grading and classification system, meant to establish and maintain standards for the better wines in much the same way as is done in Europe. Wines sporting the VQA label are among the ones recommended to sample.

A similar grading system is found in British Columbia. Red, white, dry and sweet are all produced as are some sparkling. wines, but the dry whites and the very expensive ice wines are Canada's best. 'Import duties keep foreign wine prices up to protect the Canadian wine industry but you can still get a pretty low priced bottle of French or Californian wine. Spirits Canada produces its own gins, vodkas, rums, liqueurs, brandies and coolers. But Canadian whisky, generally known in the country as rye, is the best known liquor and the one with the biggest reputation. Canadian Club and VO rye whisky are Canada's most famous drinks - good stuff. Rye is generally taken with ginger ale or soda but some like it straight with ice. Canadian whisky has been distilled since the mid-1800s and has been popular in the USA as well as Canada from the early days of production. Most of the high price of spirits in Canada is attributable to tax.

Nonalcoholic Drinks The fruit-growing areas of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia produce excellent apple and cherry ciders, some with alcohol, most without. In Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces, visitors may want to sample a local nonalcoholic brew called spruce beer. 88 Facts for the Visitor - Drinks It's produced in small batches by individuals and doesn't have a large commercial base but is sold in some local stores. It varies quite a bit and you can never be too sure what will happen when the cap comes off, but some people love the stuff. Canadian mineral and spring waters are popular and readily available. Bottle waters from Europe, especially France, are also stocked. A cup of standard coffee in Canada is not memorable but it isn't expensive either. If fresh it can be fairly decent. Restaurant coffee is almost always a filtered brew. In the western provinces it is not uncommon to be offered free refills (sometimes multiple) with every purchased cup. This is not the case in the rest of the country. Quality coffee is now served at cafes such as The Second Cup and Starbucks across the country.


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