Canada Visa Holder's Travel Tips

Canada Tourist Visa or PR visa holders should know about Canada's culture Geo-Political atmosphere to understand the country better.

Quebec is also the world's largest producer of maple syrup, made in the spring when the sap is running, and it's great on pancakes or ice cream. French fries in Quebec, where they are known simply as frites or palates, are unbeatable, especially those bought at the small roadside chip wagons. Pouting is a variation with gravy and cheese curds. Farther east into the Atlantic Provinces the Acadian French carry on some of their centuries-old culinary traditions in such dishes as rapie pie (pate a la rapture) - a type of meat pie (maybe beef, chicken or clam) topped with grated paste-like potato from which all the starch has been drawn. Native Indian Food Native Indian foods based on wild game such as deer (venison) and pheasant are something to sample if the opportunity presents itself. Buffalo meat, sold commercially in a few places, turns up on menus occasionally. It's lean and has more protein and less cholesterol than beef.

The fiddlehead is a distinctive green, only edible in springtime. It's primarily picked from the woodlands of the Maritime Provinces. Wild rice, with its black husks and almost nutty flavor is very tasty and often accompanies Native Indian-style meals. Most of it is picked by hand around the Ontario and Manitoba borders but it’s widely available in natural-food shops. Markets many cities have farmers' markets where fresh produce can be bought at good prices. Roadside stands offering the crops of the season can be found in all rural areas. Corn is something!)g to look for and is easy to prepare. On the coasts, seafood can often be purchased at the docks. i J Prices As with most things, food is costlier than in the USA. If you're from Europe, though, or are travelling with a strong currency, you'll find prices are reasonable. Generally, for dinner, under $10 is a bargain and $15 to $25 is moderate. Lunches are a lot less, almost always under $10. Most of the places mentioned in this book fit into these categories but some costlier places are listed for treats and splurges. Alcohol Beer Canadian beer, in general, is good, not great. It's more flavorful and stronger than US brands and is always served cold. Lagers are by far the most popular beers but ales, light beers, porters and stouts are all available. The two big companies are Molson and Labatt, with the most popular beers being Molson Export and Canadian, and Labatt 50 and Blue. A welcome trend is the continuing success of small breweries producing real or natural beers and pubs brewing their own for consumption on the premises. Both these breaks from tradition have grown rapidly across the country but are most evident in the large cities. In a bar, a draught beer ranges from about $2.25 for a 340ml glass to $4.50 for a pint. Draught beer by the glass or pitcher is the cheapest way to drink. In places featuring live music, prices usually go up after the night's entertainment arrives.

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