Canada Visa Holder's Travel Tips

Canada Tourist Visa or PR visa holders should know about Canada's culture Geo-Political atmosphere to understand the country better.

It may also mean there are some cooking facilities. Farm Vacations Each province has a farm or ranch vacation program enabling visitors to stay on working farms for a day, a week or even longer. The size and type of farm varies considerably, as do the activities you can take part in. There are usually chores to do and animals to tend. Rates range from roughly $40 to $45 for singles, $50 to $70 for doubles depending on meals taken. There are also family rates and reductions for children. Details of these programs are available from provincial tourist boards. FOOD Gastronomy in English-speaking Canada was, in general and with exceptions, long based on the British 'bland is beautiful' tradition. While there are still no distinctive national dishes or unique culinary delights, good food is certainly plentiful.

The large numbers of varying ethnic groups86 Facts for the Visitor - Food spread across the country continue to contribute to the epicurean palate. In most cities it's not difficult to find a Greek, Italian, Mexican or Chinese restaurant. Small bistro-type places are found across the country with menus emphasizing freshness, spices and the latest trends. They tend to fill the gap between the low-end 'greasy spoons' and the priciest restaurants. Many of these, as well as numerous soup, salad and sandwich bars, provide good value lunches as they compete for office workers' appetites. In the country's largest cities, vegetarian restaurants, although not abundant, can be found. Such places may be known as natural food or health-food restaurants. East Indian restaurants also offer a selection of vegetarian dishes. On the east coast of Canada, through all the Atlantic Provinces, deep-fried food is common; all too common for many. It does not hurt to ask for an alternative cooking method or pick from menus carefully. The common 'spoons', the equivalent of the US diners, are found throughout Canada with names like 'George's' or 'Linda's Place'. Little changed since the 1930s, these small, basic places are the blue-collar workers' restaurants. Some are excellent, some bad news, but they're always cheap.

There's usually a breakfast special until II am for about $4, followed by a couple of lunch specials. A fairly balanced, if functional, meal costs around $6. Fruit is a bargain in summer and locally grown varieties such as apples, peaches and cherries are superb. In June watch for strawberries; in August, blueberries. Farmers' stands are often seen along highways and secondary roads. Canada produces excellent cheeses, in particular, cheddars - mild, medium and old. Oka from Quebec is a more expensive, subtler and very tasty cheese developed by Tibet monks. On both coasts, there is abundant seafood that is delicious and affordable. On the west coast the salmon, fresh or smoked, is a real treat, and crab is plentiful. The east coast has the less-known but highly esteemed freshwater Atlantic salmon. The Atlantic region is also famous for lobster and scallops. In the far north, Arctic char is a specialty. The king of inland fish is the walleye, often called pickerel. One truly Canadian creation must be mentioned - the butter tart. This delectable little sweet can best be described as ... well, just get on the outside of one and you'll see. French Food Most of the country's few semi-original repasts come from the French of Quebec. French pea soup is thick, filling and delicious. The courtiers (meat pies) are worth sampling.


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