Canada Visa Holder's Travel Tips

Canada Tourist Visa or PR visa holders should know about Canada's culture Geo-Political atmosphere to understand the country better.

Canadian liquor laws have historically been linked to renting beds, so the older, cheap hotels are often principally bars, and quite often low-class bars at that. Examples are found in number all over the country. For the impecunious, who don't mind some noise and a somewhat worn room; these hotels can come in handy. Prices usually range from $25 to $35 a single, but rooms are often taken by more permanent guests on a monthly basis. There are some places in this category which are fine and which are mentioned in this book. They are not suitable for families or females travelling alone but couples and single males may find these basic hotels adequate, at least on occasion. Between the new and the old hotels, there are places to be found in between. In some of the larger cities, in particular, you can still find good older, small hotels which mainly rent rooms. Prices vary with the amenities and location and range from about $35 to $75 for singles or doubles.

Motels In Canada, like the USA (both lands of the automobile), motels are ubiquitous. Mostly they are simple and clean, if somewhat nondescript. Many can be found dotting the highways and clustered in groups on the outskirts of larger towns and cities. They are usually range from $40 to $75 for singles or doubles. Outside the cities motel prices drop so they can be a bargain, especially if there are two or more of you. Before entering a large city it's a good idea to get off the main route and onto one of the secondary roads. This is where you'll find motels as cheaply as they come.

The less-travelled parts of the country tend to have lower prices, too. Prices tend to go up in summer or when a special event is on. Off-season bargaining is definitely worthwhile and acceptable. This need not be haggling as in a Moroccan market; just a simple counter- /} Facts for the Visitor - Food 85 offer will sometimes work. Unlike better hotels, many motels remain 'mom and pop' operations and so retain more flexibility and often reflect more of the character of the owners. The Choice motel/hotel chain - seen from coast to coast - includes the Comfort Inn (tr 1-800-228-5150) and Economy lines. They are moderately priced, not the cheapest, not the most expensive but always reliable and good value. The rooms are plain and simple but spotless and always well maintained. The benefit of the chain system is that it allows for reserving a room anywhere through toll-free telephone numbers. Other links in the chain include Quality (tr 1-800-228-5151) and the low-cost Roadway (tr 1-800-228-2000) inns. Another oft-seen, quality chain is Super 8 Motels ('fr 1-800-800-8000). Some motels offer 'suites'. This usually means there is a separate second bedroom (good for those with children) but may mean there is a sitting room with TV and chesterfield set apart from the bedroom.

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