Canada Visa Holder's Travel Tips

Canada Tourist Visa or PR visa holders should know about Canada's culture Geo-Political atmosphere to understand the country better.

These may be an extra room in someone's home but are more commonly commercial lodging houses. They are found mainly in places with a large tourist trade such as Niagara, Banff, Victoria, Quebec City and Montreal. Rooms range in size and have varying amenities. Some include private bathrooms, many do not. The standard cost is about $40 to $65 a double. Some so-called tourist homes are reality rooming houses rented more often by the week or month, and usually have shared kitchens. B&Bs are an established part of the accommodation picture and continue to grow in number. They offer a more personal alternative to the standard traditional motel/hotel and are found throughout the country.

In many of the larger cities associations manage B&BS, while in other places they are listed directly with tourist offices. Some operate as full-time businesses; others just provide their operators with part-time income for a few months in the summer. Prices of B&BS vary quite a bit, ranging roughly from $40 for a single to $100 a double with the average being from $55 to $75 for two people. The more expensive ones generally provide more impressive furnishings and' decor. Many are found in classic heritage houses. Rooms are almost always in the owner's home and are clean and well kept. Note that smoking is almost always prohibited (and banned in public places eg bars and restaurants, throughout British Columbia from I January 2000). Some places will take children and the odd one will allow a pet.

Breakfast can vary from light or continental to a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. It's worth inquiring about the breakfast before booking. Several guidebooks dealing exclusively with B&Bs across the country are widely available in Canadian bookstores. Hotels Good, inexpensive hotels are not a Canadian strong point. Though there is a wide range of hotel types, the word usually means one of two things to a Canadian - a rather expensive place to stay or a cheap place to drink. Most new hotels are part of international chains and are designed for either the luxury market or for businesspeople.

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